10th Floor Zine: Vol. 1

The 10th Floor is as physical as it is metaphorical. It is a place you go with friends, a place you go for inspiration with an open mind, a place that gives you a different perspective.

Equipped with the right tools and ambitions, we can orient ourselves, and head in the right direction through what we create together.

 10th Floor Zine: Vol. 1 is a 36-page risograph-printed zine containing art and writing from Jerome Tavé, Ritwik Deshpande, Kyle Lawson, Lena Hammes, Vincent Losanes, Chris Wronski, Zarni Ko, Jon Wong, Nour Malaeb, Maja Dlugolecki, and Steven Streisguth.

Limited run of 100 copies.

8 x 10 inches format.